Our Characters

Our novel, i, Jessica - Finding My Way, has many characters who interact with Jessica, the protagonist of the story. The main characters are listed here in the approximate sequence in which they are introduced in Jessica's story.  Potential readers of the novel may find it helpful to be aware of these people to better understand Jessica's six week journey to find self confidence and love.  


Jessica (Jessi) Jones: a 30 something single woman living in San Francisco who works as a server at the Iron Horse Bar and Restaurant in S. F.  

Joe Colombo: A bartender at the Iron Horse who has been working there for about 6 years.  He is the nephew of the majority owner of the Iron Horse.

Rickki Stephens:  A person who had lived and loved with Jessica for 2 years, and just jilted her and moved to Palm Springs, CA. 

Frank:  The new manager at the Iron Horse who has been on the job for 4 months.

Omar Sharrone: A taxi driver and a Life Skills Coach, and maybe one of the 'most interesting men in the world'.

Steve Schwartz:  Jessica's high school boyfriend who lives in Peoria, IL.  He is moving up in the world, back in Peoria.

Marie Colombo: Matriarch of the family that owns the Iron Horse.

Anthony Colombo:  Marie's son, the Doctor.

Gina Colombo:  Wife of Joe Colombo and stay at home Mom.

Other helpful and not so helpful Characters:  Mom, Dad, Sis, Daniel, Suzy, Jean, Chung, Mr. C., Emiliano.

The sequel novel,i, Jessica - Iron Horse Mysteries, has many of the same characters from the Iron Horse Family.  Jessica solicits the assistance of 7 of her friends in telling the story about the Iron Horse Mysteries. Some of them have a different perspective on her problems.  The new characters who help Jessica tell the story of her terrible two week experience are:

Suzy:  Roommate of Jessica who now looks upon Jessica as her big sister after living together for 6 months.

Chung Lee: The head cook and kitchen manager at the Iron Horse.

Daniel O'Connor: Exercise buddy of Jessica and a computer programmer who has done some free-lance work for the Iron Horse.

Sister Theresa:  A retired English and Literature teacher who gives spiritual support to Jessica.