Jessica's Places:

Peoria, Illinois, U.S.A.     Jessica, our heroine, was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, a city of about 150,000 people, which is in the middle of the U. S. Residents there are typically very conservative in their values and life styles. 


Urbana-Champagne, Illinois:    The location for several campuses of the University of Illinois which Jessica attended for 3 years.


San Francisco, California

  • The Sunset District:  a residential and business district on the western edge of the City; it ends at Ocean Beach.
  • Geary Boulevard:  a main thorough-fare which runs east and west from the downtown financial district to Land's End near Ocean Beach.
  • Iron Horse Bar and Restaurant:  A business establishment located in an alley named Maiden Lane, in downtown San Francisco.
  • Hilton Hotel:  a major hotel for tourists and convention goers.
  • The Cliff House:  an historic restaurant located on a high bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Land's End.  It was first built in the 1860's and has had many different building configurations through the years.
  • Pleasure Garden Spa: A massage parlor located in a seedy section of downtown San Francisco.
  • The Embarcadero:  A main thorough-fare which runs along the eastern edge of the City. It abuts San Francisco Bay. There are remnants of shipping piers along the street along with many restaurants and tourist attractions.
  • Union Square:  A one block park in the center of the shopping district in downtown San Francisco. 
  • The Medical Center: A University based center that engages in research, medical training, and offers an urgent care hospital and charity clinic. Anthony Colombo is a Chief Resident in Cardiology at the Center there.
  • Stonestown Galeria: a major shopping center located in the southwest corner of San Francisco.​