i, Jessica  -  Novels by M. L. Lambert 
i, Jessica - Finding My Way; 2013   &   i, Jessica - Iron Horse Mysteries; 2016 

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The Characters

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Jessica's Places

See a list of the main characters in Jessica's stories and some information about them.

Jessica grew up in Peoria, Illinois, but now lives in San Francisco, CA.  See a list of places which are described in her stories.

i, Jessica - Finding My Way

A search for confidence and love.

Listen in as Jessica, a young single woman living in contemporary San Francisco, works her way through an anxiety filled six week period of her life.  She tries to get over a break up with Rickki, the center of her life for two years, while simultaneously trying to hang on to her job at the Iron Horse Bar and Restaurant.  A former lover, and a possible new lover, complicate her journey.  Family members and her conservative mid-western American roots conspire to make her journey difficult.


Will she ever find her way?  

                    to read Chapter 1 - 'Oasis' of this novel.  Jessica is the narrator.

​​​​​​i, Jessica - Iron Horse Mysteries

A search for understanding.

​Accompany Jessica while she has a tumultuous two weeks working at the Iron Horse Bar and Restaurant in contemporary San Francisco.  She tries to understand several mysteries revealing cruel acts and dark sides of life.  Her belief in God and fellow man are tested. 

Can she solve the mysteries? 

​Can she find faith in humanity again?

                       to read Chapter 17 of this novel.  Jessica tells the story of how she found two of the mysteries she encounters in one terrible week of her life.